About Tata Innovista

Tata Innovista is a movement started by Tata Innovation Forum (TIF) in the year 2006 to recognize and reward the innovative and interpreneurial spirit of the Tata employees. Tata Innovista provides the platform to showcase innovative attempts of the big or small- happening within Tata Group to celebrate the success and struggle of innovation efforts.

Tata Innovista started with modest objective of:

  • Helping foster a culture of innovations to instil the sef-confidence among the
    Tata managers.
  • Inspiring and motivating the innovative an enterpreneurial spirit of encourag-
    ing innovations in companies.
  • Showcasing and recognizing teams for their successes and struggles.
  • Building a culture of appropriate risk taking.
  • Being a source of new ideas and initiatives for other Tata companies (cro-
    ss company collaboration)

Over the years, Tata Innovista has caught the imagination of colleag-
ues across Tata Companies and it has become one of the most ins-
piring programs in Tata Group of Innovation.


Tata Innovista provides the platform to showcase, recognize and reward the innovative and interprenurial spirit of the Tata employees and partners through the following award categories.

Implemented Innovations

Dare to Try

Piloted Technologies

Design Honour

Most Innovative Supplier

Innovation begins with a creative idea, an unthinkable thought that evolves into a solution, and ultimately proceeds to an implementable reality. This award category honours innovations that were implemented successfully and have also achieved results that can be readily demonstrated.

No great innovation was born without someone boldly making an audacious attempt at solving a tough challenge. Dare to Try celebrates determined attempts at creating global/industry first products and services which could not achieve the desired results.

The significance of technology in our lives today is undeniable. From nanoparticles to software robots, technology has proven to be the foundation upon which innovation stand, evolve and soar. This award celebrates such global/industry first innovative technologies that have been successfully piloted and promise to deliver results when implemented.

Cutting edge design has the inherent ability to augment and uplift even the most mundane end-user experiences. This award category celebrates innovative design that have touched and enhanced the lives of the intended consumer.

The Tata group also values innovations of our suppliers and partners. To honour such creative, innovative and resourceful partners, Tata Innovista is happy to launch a new award this year – the “Most Innovative Supplier Award” in association with the Group Strategic Sourcing team and is open for suppliers and partners of Tata companies. Tata companies as suppliers are not eligible for this award.

Winner Gallery

Case Studies

Esteemed Jurors 2018

Adnan Ahmad

Ashish Seth

Devi Murthy

Divya Jha

Ganesh Iyer

Gautam Chatterjee

Indu Shahani

Lakshmi Rebecca

Milind Atrey


Ranjit Konkar


Shishir Joshipura

Sudhakar Pottukochi

Sudhakar Mhaskar

Venkat Krishnan

Sumit Mukhija

Swapnil Dubey

T Mukherjee

Vishwas Deshpande

Yashwant Narendar